Mapping the Shanghai Lockdown

Originally published on May 13, 2022 This First Looks entry presents a graphic collection of 100 stories from the city-wide lockdown period in Shanghai beginning in March of 2022....

Sarah Raymundo, Marcos Jr. Presidency: A Long View

For three decades, contemporary public discourse on the Philippines has been marked by reference to a period called the “post-Marcos era.” Weeks after a high-stakes national election, that widely-accepted historical marker is...

Angela Zito on Pandemic Pedagogy

Angela Zito reflects on her teaching repertoire and her use of Asao Inoue’s concept of labor-based grading contracts for her course, Monsters + their Humans. 🎒

may 2022

This issue offers a new perspective on indigeneity and encourage us to consider the ways in which settler colonialism continues to play a major role in extractive capitalist projects, land dispossession, and political domination in “Asia.”

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spring 2022

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