In the Event of Women, Again

A follow-up roundtable, one year after the publication of Tani Barlow’s In the Event of Women (Duke University Press, 2022), to discuss how to reposition feminist critique historically in light of the methodology and arguments Barlow advances in her book in the spirit of voluntary and continuous action.

China from Below: Critical Analysis & Grassroots Activism

China from Below: Critical Analysis & Grassroots Activism (edited by Ralf Ruckus, Kevin Lin, Jule Pfeffer, and Daniel Reineke) brings together activists and researchers with a critical, left-wing perspective to...

march 2023

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january 2023

hongwei bao on poetry and protest in china

december 2022

 first looks 

Hongwei Bao presents three pieces on poetry and protest in China as part of our continuing “First Looks” series on the COVID-19 pademic.

fall 2022

fall 2022

may 2022

This issue offers a new perspective on indigeneity and encourage us to consider the ways in which settler colonialism continues to play a major role in extractive capitalist projects, land dispossession, and political domination in “Asia.”

spring 2022

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