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Emiko Stock’s contemporary “city symphony” video, “commute” superimposes footage from Bangkok and Hong Kong to foreground the materiality and affect of the city.

Explore a virtual museum detailing the development of a biofuel industry in Republican era China

Tristan E. Revells (edited by Lan Li)

Tsukasa Yajima documents four Korean “comfort women” who have yet to return home after the war.

Jennifer Dubrow investigates the role of poetry in contemporary protest in India at a turning point in the country’s political history.

Yongyu Chen provides a new lens on the well-known Thai ghost Nak in his video essay, “Mae Nak: The Close-Up and the Invisible.” Chen draws on Pimpaka Towira’s 1997 film, Mae Nak, to suggest new understandings of cinema, ontology, desire, and nation.

While episteme’s inaugural subject addresses explicit environmental crisis afflicting contemporary Asia, the eikon exhibit, “Oceans, Waters, and Acquifers,” digs into fundamental historical linkages among the natural world, bio-knowledge, and representation. “Oceans’” shifting visuality draws us into deep histories of the human body and geontological concepts into fluid relation, animating alternate epistemologies of life and world that present as many questions about the state of “the environment” as does realpolitik.