Neferti Tadiar, On Feminism and Palestine 

Editor’s Note: This is the text of a talk that Neferti Tadiar delivered as part of a round-table discussion at Columbia University. Tadiar’s most recent...

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Christopher Connery, All Hallows’ Eve: Shanghai 2023

There was a certain foreboding. Only the River Flows (河边的错误 dir. Wei Shujun literally The Mistake at the Riverside), a bleakly surreal pseudo-noir art film reminiscent of David Lynch...

In Memoriam: Emily Honig (1953-2023)

We share here the Association for Asian Studies tribute to Emily Honig, beloved colleague, mentor, and friend.   

Anti-War Petition From Taiwan Academics is publishing the English translation (by Jon Solomon) and Chinese original of an anti-war statement and petition organized by academics in Taiwan and initiated on...

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