on 'Asia' and its global

Escalating twenty-first-century crises have created an urgent need for direct interaction among scholars and readers. We aim to renovate how we debate, organize, and inform.

praxis is community debate to grasp onto an emergent question on ‘Asia’, offering readers an opportunity to shake things up; an orientation, political strategy, or a tactical dispute. praxis engages opinion broadly and solicits immediate response.
episteme addresses current crises in ‘Asia’ and responding movements. We provide critical reflections and philosophical reconsiderations of events as they unfold, seeking to emphasize transformations agitating ‘Asia’ and the world.
eikon works at the edges of political engagement in the arts. Experiments in thought, image, and politics exposed to a theory-driven political art open unknowns. The politics of aesthetics is a politics we cannot escape.
paideia experiments with the pedagogic in written, visual, and sonic form. It engages the unthought through evocative approaches to the transmission of knowledge, to materials to be tried out, and to work designed by students.

about positions: asia critique

Offering a fresh approach to Asia scholarship,¬†positions¬†develops theoretical, philosophical, historical, and critical approaches in a forum open to debate. In expansive scholarly articles, commentaries, poetry, visual art, and political and philosophical debates, contributors consider a broad variety of pressing questions. Thematic issues tackle new, sometimes pathbreaking areas of concern (or traditional areas from a fresh vantage point) and are interspersed with general issues offering scholarship that calls our scholarly assumptions into question and expands our various archives. The breadth and pace of the journal ensure that readers seeking to add “Asia” to their areas of critical competency are included in our debates, challenged and informed.

editorial collective

Tani Barlow
Arnika Fuhrmann
Katsuya Hirano
Rebecca Karl
Suzy Kim
Fabio Lanza
Lan Li
Aminda Smith
Gavin Walker
Angela Zito

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